Access Control

Access Control is a system designed to allow or restrict entry into designated areas. 

Here at The Essex Locksmith Company we provide access control systems ranging from a single residential property all the way up to 100+ Door commercial properties. We offer a wide range of access options from key fobs/cards to retinal scanners that can all be managed internally through an integrated software.

Access Control is another way of keeping down ongoing costs. On a regular basis we get phone calls to change the locks due to lost keys or keys that have not been returned on end of employment. With access control it allows you to simply add and delete access cards at the click of a button.

The Essex Locksmith Company is also able to carry out maintenance and repair/upgrade existing access control systems in place. We work directly with the manufacturer to bring you the best value for money and the best suited system to meet all of your access control needs.

► Restrict access to communal entrance

► Control access to car park

► Video entry systems

► Monitor contractors access

► Teacher access to secure areas 

► Video entry systems

► Security lockdown

► Video Entry

► Monitor staff access

► Monitor staff clocking on/off

► Photo ID pass

► Protection of files/goods

► Car park entry

► Temporary access for visitors and contractors

► Asset protection

► Video entry systems

► Temporary access for visitors and contractors

► Monitor staff entry

► Photo ID's

► Lock down mode for high security areas